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Thanks, but no thanks, Judith Warner

Judith wrote this post talking about how she believes the young McCain (who I have now learned is known as Meghan McCain) does not deserve the contracts she has been awarded by private interests in her NY Times Blog. Here is the comment I added. I read this post and one word came to mind […]

You have no right to critisize President George W. Bush

Before President Bush was elected (or not-elected depending on your view), I warned everyone I could against this man. But you (we) the American public failed to elect the other guy. Then he proceeded to do what rational and objective thinkers expected: He took great risks, and put Americans (and America) at great risk without […]

Taking Pulse

Please comment if you wish to justify your response.

No, We Can’t. Yes, I Can.

Palin? Damn You McCain, and What You Need to Do

The Palin choice is just stupid. Not because she is unknown… but because she is a mousy skunk. Were there no impressive women who have earned monumental achievements in business, who also share conservative principles? McCain needs to give a philosophical speech. Ladies and gentlemen, HERE IS WHY I AM A CONSERVATIVE. It is not […]

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