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Palin and the future of the Tea Party “Movement”

I thought the “Tea Party Movement” was about: Individual responsibility Reduced spending on entitlement programs Lower taxes The scaling back of government These are the messages that first engaged American citizens to take to the streets in protest against a government machine that seemed intent on grabbing power during our most recent economic recession. Yay […]

Obama; Obama the Marxist; Whiny Marxist Americans

Obama is quite clearly a Marxist. Both Barak and Michelle. We are not all in this together. Some of us slack off. Some of us don’t work hard enough to overcome disadvantages. Some of us just make unwise decisions. Why should those who put in the hours, who make good decisions, be forced to pay […]

The Secret to Winning the WAR on Terror…

In 2000 President Bush ran on a platform of lowered standards and in 2004 was reelected on a promise of “decisiveness” and a bias towards action over strategic thinking. President Bush’s followers communicated support for his ability to talk plainly as to not intimidate the folks. John F. Kerry, on the other hand, was constantly […]

Ascension to the world

Birth does not end when the umbilical cord is cut The umbilical cord is meant to sustain us in the womb when we cannot provide for ourselves But many never learn how to provide for themselves And those that do learn how to provide for themselves do not ascend over night Ascending to the world… […]

Democracy versus Freedom and a Rant on Personal Responsibility

Brain Dump As we approach the 2008 Presidential election our democracy “appears” stronger than ever. The electorate is engaged and people of all races and machinations are debating issues, tuning into debates, and showing up to vote. The problem, however, is that at the same time that our democracy seems to be gaining momentum, the […]

“Mother Theresa is a Douche Bag” and more from Christopher Hitchens

Choices by Jeff Neugebauer

Jeff Neugebauer Unveiled Choices in Feb of 2006. ““Choices” is an allegorical painting about love, and passion. Wine serves as a metaphor for the object of desire. In “Choices”, the woman has chosen the one glass of wine that suits her taste; exhibiting a subtle look of ecstasy, she discriminates against the rest. Just as […]

It doesn’t take an economist…

It doesn’t take an economist to recognize the shortcomings of immature, unprincipled, hedonistic economic policy. Let’s give big tax cuts without cutting spending Let’s rack up the national debt Let’s engage in wars of choice with oil-rich countries Let’s refrain from building oil-processing infrastructure Let’s watch inflation increase, the value of the dollar decrease, and […]

The Thud Experiment

Nuke Me, Bitch

A primitive animal living in a modern society New shirt, new home, new car, new life Same animal, same drive to survive So evolved you cannot evolve Life, or subsistence living?

Eyes Wide Shut…

For some reason I find this picture, and everything it represents, quite chilling…

Impeach: YOU

What if we held our citizens accountable rather than our politicians? Think about it. The mandate of elected officials is to enact the will of the people, and in the end, these officials are only accountable to their electors. When Enron implodes, we don’t blame the men and the women on the ground – perpetuating […]

Damn The Man

Damn the man who, armed with confidence, and stricken by ignorance, claims to posses knowledge that no man can posses Damn the man who, armed with reason, and stricken by fear, fails to make the truth known. History favors the passioned minority – but only when that passion translates into action.

Happiness vs. Truth

There was a fork in the road. I looked left – and saw happiness: It looked Warm. A life of personal satisfaction? I looked right – and saw truth: It looked Cold. A life of principle? Most people were going left. These people ran quickly after their happy, fulfilled lives. I wanted happiness too. I […]

More brilliance from Richard Dawkins

Except for the first, these are long videos. Dawkins was not on top of his game in these, in my opinion, but was pretty good, and the context of being in Falwell’s backyard, and talking directly to his students, makes it interesting. If you only have time to watch one video though, watch this one. […]

Richard Dawkins: An atheist’s call to arms

A must watch, regardless of your views. Please comment after. Watch the full thing, better quality, here.

Blame Bush?

I take profound issue with modern-day Bush-bashers and haters, and those who stand out against the Iraq war. Not because I don’t think President Bush is incompetent – he is. Not because I don’t think the Iraq war was mismanaged – it was. I take profound issue because I don’t like the tendency of people […]


I am thankful for: – Life – Health – Free Market Economy – Family What are you thankful for?


75 years gone accomplishments gone family gone loved ones gone darkness nothingness no glory no nirvana to live an honest life despite this… that is character

Random thoughts…

Few thoughtful, rational people exist People don’t confront their own mortality early enough in life People are shallow Modern-day religion does more bad than good The bad: It feeds the ignorance of the masses and takes people’s souls The good: Fear of hell turns many people who lack character into law-abiding citizens who live above […]