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Palin and the future of the Tea Party “Movement”

I thought the “Tea Party Movement” was about: Individual responsibility Reduced spending on entitlement programs Lower taxes The scaling back of government These are the messages that first engaged American citizens to take to the streets in protest against a government machine that seemed intent on grabbing power during our most recent economic recession. Yay […]

Thanks, but no thanks, Judith Warner

Judith wrote this post talking about how she believes the young McCain (who I have now learned is known as Meghan McCain) does not deserve the contracts she has been awarded by private interests in her NY Times Blog. Here is the comment I added. I read this post and one word came to mind […]

You have no right to critisize President George W. Bush

Before President Bush was elected (or not-elected depending on your view), I warned everyone I could against this man. But you (we) the American public failed to elect the other guy. Then he proceeded to do what rational and objective thinkers expected: He took great risks, and put Americans (and America) at great risk without […]

The sky is falling…

It seems that everyone is willing to play the role of victim… – The Palestinian people who elected a terrorist government… Hamas… who – surprise, surprise – lobbed rockets into Israel for several years and was forced to use their military might to quash the terrorists. – The American people who demand to be made […]

Taking Pulse

Please comment if you wish to justify your response.

Representative John A. Culberson (TX)’s Daughter…

John Culberson, a so-called Fiscal Conservative from Texas, was on CNBC earlier. He is one of the Republicans that voted against today’s bill. Throughout he kept saying that he would not add this debt burden to his daughter, and he did not believe in that the American people should pay to bail out a bunch […]

The Bailout Bill: Stupid Members of Congress, Bad Americans, and A Solution to Democracy

The problem with Democracy, and the beauty of Democracy, is that everyone gets a vote, either directly or indirectly. A Democracy is healthy when the people who vote are informed, objective, and savvy enough to vote in their own long-term self-interest. The problem in America is that our Democracy (technically, our Republic) is powered by […]

Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s Daughter, Has a Very BAD Mommy…

Ironic, ain’t it? The not-really-conservative conservatives like Sarah Palin tend to be pro religion in schools… they believe in teaching all that Easter Bunny crap. Well now Bristil, a 17 year-old, is pregnant. Way to go mommy… McCain thinks you can run the country but you can’t run your own family. Why, again, is McCain […]

No, We Can’t. Yes, I Can.

Palin? Damn You McCain, and What You Need to Do

The Palin choice is just stupid. Not because she is unknown… but because she is a mousy skunk. Were there no impressive women who have earned monumental achievements in business, who also share conservative principles? McCain needs to give a philosophical speech. Ladies and gentlemen, HERE IS WHY I AM A CONSERVATIVE. It is not […]

Obama; Obama the Marxist; Whiny Marxist Americans

Obama is quite clearly a Marxist. Both Barak and Michelle. We are not all in this together. Some of us slack off. Some of us don’t work hard enough to overcome disadvantages. Some of us just make unwise decisions. Why should those who put in the hours, who make good decisions, be forced to pay […]

Sirius XM Merger: Letter to Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein

This letter was submitted to Commission Jonathan Adelstein regarding his dissenting vote for the Sirius XM merger, and the 17-month delay that he and his fellow “Democrat” caused. Tell Jonathan what you think here. I find it a total shame that those that proclaim to serve the public interest act in ways that hinder the […]

The Secret to Winning the WAR on Terror…

In 2000 President Bush ran on a platform of lowered standards and in 2004 was reelected on a promise of “decisiveness” and a bias towards action over strategic thinking. President Bush’s followers communicated support for his ability to talk plainly as to not intimidate the folks. John F. Kerry, on the other hand, was constantly […]

Consumption Tax and Our Damned Democracy

After years of debating AGAINST different tax reforms that tax people not based on their value to society (i.e. their income), but based on what they consume, I am ready to throw in the towel. Damn the consequences – I cannot support a “progressive” tax system that taxes some more than others because those with […]

A Plea for War…

Experimenting with ideas and provoking difficult discussions Iraq was not handled cleanly… But on to Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Our technology-of-war is sitting on the shelf as lives of American men and women are being needlessly jeopardized… “Don’t hit them too hard, don’t kill civilians, preserve their infrastructure”… Well, we’ve walked softly for […]

George Bush…

No time to post but take a few minutes to laugh at our president. b

Ascension to the world

Birth does not end when the umbilical cord is cut The umbilical cord is meant to sustain us in the womb when we cannot provide for ourselves But many never learn how to provide for themselves And those that do learn how to provide for themselves do not ascend over night Ascending to the world… […]

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Democracy versus Freedom and a Rant on Personal Responsibility

Brain Dump As we approach the 2008 Presidential election our democracy “appears” stronger than ever. The electorate is engaged and people of all races and machinations are debating issues, tuning into debates, and showing up to vote. The problem, however, is that at the same time that our democracy seems to be gaining momentum, the […]

William Tecumseh Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman (expired February 1891) is a man worth learning about. His father, a judge, died unexpectedly when he was young leaving 11 children without financial resources or a father. Despite what was surely a challenging childhood Sherman engaged in numerous pursuits – some successful, some not successful, and played a formative role in […]