Thanks, but no thanks, Judith Warner

Judith wrote this post talking about how she believes the young McCain (who I have now learned is known as Meghan McCain) does not deserve the contracts she has been awarded by private interests in her NY Times Blog.

Here is the comment I added.

I read this post and one word came to mind – jealous.

Judith – are you jealous of the young McCain?

The difference between you and me Judith is that I don’t think of young McCain at all. Heck, even after reading your post I still don’t recall her name, and I won’t waste my time to scroll up to learn it. I have no expectation that anything she will say will be of value to me because in the little I have heard from her I have never heard anything that resembles objective logic.

Judith – I could say the same for your post. You’re just jealous because you have put your “dues” in and you realize how trivial your post in life is, considering that it is open to people like young McCain.

And to the dope above lamenting the lack of intellectualism in society, get off your high horse. The technological innovations that power this country, and your life, are all powered by the best form of intellectualism – that which is translated into action.

The problem is not the lack of intellectualism, it is that you are looking for it in the wrong place.


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