You have no right to critisize President George W. Bush

Before President Bush was elected (or not-elected depending on your view), I warned everyone I could against this man.

But you (we) the American public failed to elect the other guy.

Then he proceeded to do what rational and objective thinkers expected: He took great risks, and put Americans (and America) at great risk without proper planning and execution.

During that time, it was clear to those rational and objective thinkers that President Bush was on the verge of a major failure internationally and domestically.

His approve rating at that time was 90%.

90%! And it was not President Bush who stifled public debate at that time (remember freedom fries), it was the American people. The American people quashed debate. They proudly cried – I SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT, AND IF YOU DON’T YOU ARE A TRAITOR.

Yes – 90%. 90%!

And then another election took place, and the American people failed to elect the other guy once again.

Eventually people finally realized their lives sucked, and they became fearful, and the turned against President Bush. They started hating him. Ironically, it was at that time that President Bush had actually turned things around… in Iraq, and domestically with his educational policies.

Now, I think the American people proved their stupidity by electing him… twice… but the American people do not have the right to claim victim-status.

They supported him when he was doing the wrong things, and by the time he started doing the right things they were so emotional that they could not possibly see the situation for what it was… and it is then that they started their outcry.


President Bush will not go down as the worst President ever. Depending on how things play out, he may prove to be one of the most influential Presidents ever (in a positive way). It’s strange for me to say that but it’s true.

Short-term, many people died because of him and his violent ways. That is inexcusable and no moral justification could be offered.

But if we are to think pragmatically… just for a second- in terms of minimizing long-term deaths due to war – the fact that President Bush’s policies have created a major reversal in Middle East politics is noteworthy.

Say what you like about the evil of oil – quality of life for all in America – the rich, and the poor, would be much, much less without oil. Oil is currently critical to our lives, directly and indirectly, and Arab countries historically have funded terrorism abroad and in Palestine as a sort of detente… a way of balancing power against their customers who have superior militaries.

Well, now, with the turning of Iraq, and with Syria waiting to be turned through diplomatic measures, Iran will soon find itself as the only remaining enemy of the United States in the middle east, and they will turn too within 10 years as their young population follows through on the promise of revolution.

President Bush was not the right man for the job. He made a lot of mistakes. But the American people put him into power and became his tool to keep dissenters quiet during his first term as President. When he actually started making good decisions (like the surge) his blind followers stopped following him at precisely the time that he started making good decisions.

President Bush deserves a heck of a lot of criticism. But the average American deserves a hell of a lot more.


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