The sky is falling…

It seems that everyone is willing to play the role of victim…

– The Palestinian people who elected a terrorist government… Hamas… who – surprise, surprise – lobbed rockets into Israel for several years and was forced to use their military might to quash the terrorists.

– The American people who demand to be made whole by other taxpayers because, like total suckers, they put 100% of their investments into the hands of an individual whose track record was clearly unbelievable.

– Other American people who think they have a right to something besides life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (like jobs, homes that other people built, and the money they stole from banks when they made a promise they could not possibly have kept).

That’s just naming a few. And standing next to the victims are their brothers – the irrationals. Those who believe in a decision making process that evolves something other than rational, logical thought.

Ain’t it ironic that the U.N., composed of countries like Russia, would have condemned Israel for defending herself but for the American veto. Yes, Russia – who launched attacks several months ago against their neighbors that truly were actions worthy of condemnation, was given a free pass by fly-by-night humanitarians.

How ’bout them hypocrits that scream now against Israel that did not scream against Russian when they attacked Georgia? They did not scream against the Palestinian people for putting terrorists in office either. Or Hamas for provoking Israel for years into this war.

How about the citizens of the world who whine daily about this policy or that, this event or that, without ever having anything constructive to say? How about individuals who can’t do 5th grade math expressing their opinions of matters of economics that they could not possibly comprehend?

Everyone is covering their back. Everyone is expressing an opinion – and that is unfortunate because informed opinions that are based in objective thought are rare.

The world is filling with hot air and noise from people that are desperate to be heard, who have nothing meaningful to say. This is the real global warming – since that other theory has been ignored recently (the world is cooling now).

The people of America, and the people of the world, are out of control. They are consumed with this fear and their lack of foresight is to blame.

When things are good they didn’t save enough.

When they were happy they weren’t introspective enough.

They constantly pursued convenient thoughts and tiny pleasures that satisfied their fears, without satisfying themselves. Without finding themselves.

It is an immature world. The mob is rumbling. This is another time in history – similar to the time of the witch trials, the oppression against the greek philosophers, the condemnation of Newton, and the vitriol offered against Columbus when he claimed the world was not flat – where those in the future, should they be enlightened, will look back and say – what damn fools. How could they have lived with themselves? What cowards. What shits.

That’s who we are becoming. The scum generation.

Let’s cry for all of the victims. Let’s express hatred towards those who don’t allow themselves to be victims. Let’s scream about the importance of banding together. Let’s forget that dead weight + dead weight + dead weight… equals a lot of dead weight.

The people scream – WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS?

The people scream – WHO IS GOING TO HELP US?

The people scream – I DON’T DESERVE THIS!

The people scream – I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!

And the people keep screaming like frustrated children.

The sky is falling because the men and women of this world overwhelmingly lack integrity. The means are not worthy of respect; but the end is put up on a pedestal. If only I get X I will be happy. Please , give me y.

The people are not mature enough to handle the material they seek because they will not have earned it.

It is knowledge; self knowledge; that they need.

It is worldly knowledge that they need.

It is an appreciation of logic that they need.

Logic… the only source of indisputable facts in a world that respects everyone’s right to an opinion…

Even though opinions are as worthless…

As those who offer them…

As my generation… and all recent generations…

Are satisfied to be the children of great men and women…

Having not earned the distinction for themselves.


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