Representative John A. Culberson (TX)’s Daughter…

John Culberson, a so-called Fiscal Conservative from Texas, was on CNBC earlier. He is one of the Republicans that voted against today’s bill. Throughout he kept saying that he would not add this debt burden to his daughter, and he did not believe in that the American people should pay to bail out a bunch of banks.

The newscasters all looked shocked at this man’s logic, or lack there of. He just doesn’t get it. This man has no understanding of how financial markets work, and it is a shame that the dopes in Texas put him in office and gave him power. They may have called him saying, “vote NO,” but they will change their tune when their financial picture turns as sweet as a sour patch kid.

I hope one day his daughter educates herself enough to draw the proper conclusion that her daddy is dumb. John A. Culberson is a CLASS A moron.


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  1. Randy Ayn
    Posted October 5, 2008 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    Called it the Ron Paul effect. People, like Culberson, are finally “getting it” and understand economic theory and international extortion

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