Monthly Archives: September 2008

Representative John A. Culberson (TX)’s Daughter…

John Culberson, a so-called Fiscal Conservative from Texas, was on CNBC earlier. He is one of the Republicans that voted against today’s bill. Throughout he kept saying that he would not add this debt burden to his daughter, and he did not believe in that the American people should pay to bail out a bunch […]

The Bailout Bill: Stupid Members of Congress, Bad Americans, and A Solution to Democracy

The problem with Democracy, and the beauty of Democracy, is that everyone gets a vote, either directly or indirectly. A Democracy is healthy when the people who vote are informed, objective, and savvy enough to vote in their own long-term self-interest. The problem in America is that our Democracy (technically, our Republic) is powered by […]

Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s Daughter, Has a Very BAD Mommy…

Ironic, ain’t it? The not-really-conservative conservatives like Sarah Palin tend to be pro religion in schools… they believe in teaching all that Easter Bunny crap. Well now Bristil, a 17 year-old, is pregnant. Way to go mommy… McCain thinks you can run the country but you can’t run your own family. Why, again, is McCain […]