Palin? Damn You McCain, and What You Need to Do

The Palin choice is just stupid. Not because she is unknown… but because she is a mousy skunk. Were there no impressive women who have earned monumental achievements in business, who also share conservative principles?

McCain needs to give a philosophical speech. Ladies and gentlemen, HERE IS WHY I AM A CONSERVATIVE. It is not because i’m an ass. It is not because I believe in fairytales. It is because I believe that the United States Constitution gives government limited powers, and that there are plenty of other options throughout the world for those who want to live in a nanny state. The beauty of America and the constitution is that it provides for growth by allowing individuals to pursue their self interest, and when the bounty for success is mitigated by continually increasing taxes, these individuals will have less incentive to work, and our progress will slow down.


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