Sirius XM Merger: Letter to Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein

This letter was submitted to Commission Jonathan Adelstein regarding his dissenting vote for the Sirius XM merger, and the 17-month delay that he and his fellow “Democrat” caused. Tell Jonathan what you think here.

I find it a total shame that those that proclaim to serve the public interest act in ways that hinder the one element that is responsible for the services consumed by those who do not earn for themselves: Free Enterprise. Your vote against the Sirius XM merger, and the delays caused by your fellow dissenting Democrat, will ultimately cost investors, employees, and consumers money. Millions have already lost out – and not for good reasons – because there are individuals like yourself that make their living governing others rather than creating for themselves. Based on your biography you have never known the thrill, or the stress, or the despair, or the exuberance that comes from creating value… you are in the business of managing value, but it seems that when the government gets involved, the net result is more like DESTROYING value. Indeed, you sir, are a destroyer of value.

I want you to know that the impact of your life’s work is the exact opposite of what you may wish it to be. I hope that at some point in your life you will decide to take some risks, and get out of the business of managing the value created by others, and start creating for yourself. Perhaps then you will understand the extent to which those who matter most in society… those that make the bread that people like you give out to those who panhandle… find individuals like you to be the manifestation of everything that is wrong with this world. Hypocritical. Evil. That is your legacy, and the legacy of your fellow communist.

If you want to serve the public interest: Resign.


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