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William Tecumseh Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman (expired February 1891) is a man worth learning about. His father, a judge, died unexpectedly when he was young leaving 11 children without financial resources or a father. Despite what was surely a challenging childhood Sherman engaged in numerous pursuits – some successful, some not successful, and played a formative role in […]

Ayn Rand on Phil Donahue – You MUST Watch This

This is Ayn Rand at 75 years old in her first public appearance after the death of her husband. I suggest that everyone spend the time to watch each of the 5 videos below – it is worth it. I have cataloged notes from each of the videos for your reference. The quotes i’ve listed […]

“Mother Theresa is a Douche Bag” and more from Christopher Hitchens

Is it Anger, or Fear?

“Dagny heard a cold, implacable voice saying somewhere within her: Remember it – remember it well – it is not often that one can see pure evil – look at it – remember – and some day you’ll find the words to name its essence… She heard it through the screaming of other voices that […]