Monthly Archives: January 2008

Censorship on Forums?

The first blog post I made questioned whether joining online forums solely dedicated to the discussion of Ayn Rand could be considered “consistent” with objectivist principles. The reason I made the post was because I have long struggled with the boundaries between “leading” and “following.” The idea of participating in a community, online or offline, […]

The Reasonable Approach Israel Could Take to End Terrorism

Warning – this is a disorganized rant. Israel’s foreign policy is inherently flawed and unreasonable because it is too moderate, and because it is too focussed on a diplomatic peace that will never come. In 1967, Israel was attacked (sadly a common occurrence). Not by a single enemy, but by all of its neighbors in […]

Choices by Jeff Neugebauer

Jeff Neugebauer Unveiled Choices in Feb of 2006. ““Choices” is an allegorical painting about love, and passion. Wine serves as a metaphor for the object of desire. In “Choices”, the woman has chosen the one glass of wine that suits her taste; exhibiting a subtle look of ecstasy, she discriminates against the rest. Just as […]

It doesn’t take an economist…

It doesn’t take an economist to recognize the shortcomings of immature, unprincipled, hedonistic economic policy. Let’s give big tax cuts without cutting spending Let’s rack up the national debt Let’s engage in wars of choice with oil-rich countries Let’s refrain from building oil-processing infrastructure Let’s watch inflation increase, the value of the dollar decrease, and […]

The Thud Experiment

Nuke Me, Bitch

A primitive animal living in a modern society New shirt, new home, new car, new life Same animal, same drive to survive So evolved you cannot evolve Life, or subsistence living?

Eyes Wide Shut…

For some reason I find this picture, and everything it represents, quite chilling…