Blame Bush?

I take profound issue with modern-day Bush-bashers and haters, and those who stand out against the Iraq war.

Not because I don’t think President Bush is incompetent – he is. Not because I don’t think the Iraq war was mismanaged – it was. I take profound issue because I don’t like the tendency of people to find a single scapegoat for each and every issue.

Before President Bush was “elected” the first time – his lack of intellectual curiosity and personal depth was glaringly obvious. Yet – as a people, we permitted him to be elected. When it came time to invade Iraq, approval ratings were amazingly high and MOST people in the country supported the war, and the effort. We permitted him to take us to war without a debate.

Now, thinking strategically, invading Iraq may have been the right move at the time (maybe not). However, we all should have known how grave a risk it was to invade an Arab country. With an individual like Bush leading the effort as chief executive, we should have been confident that the war would not have been executed properly. President Bush has never demonstrated executive competence once in his life. Not in the oil companies he ran in Texas, not as Governor of Texas, and not as President of the United States.

So – the American people permitted an incompetent person to take us into a strategic war with support of most people. The American people then put him BACK into office after many of his failures were clear, but only to critical and objective thinkers. And NOW, the American people are unhappy.

Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame. The former for being pussies, the latter for being ignorant.

I am against letting President Bush be the scapegoat, however, because it is about time for Americans, and human beings at large, to learn their lessons. President Bush was a tool of the people. He was elected by a people who SHOULD HAVE KNOWN what he would produce. It is unfair for the people to blame a person for doing exactly what critical thinkers predicted he would do.

If these people simply blame Bush, without blaming themselves, then the President Bush catastrophe will just happen over and over again. The people will remain uninformed and duly dogmatic and will continue to elect members of the incompetent class to rule us.

It is about time for personal responsibility. I failed my country by not rallying hard enough against Bush when he was running the first time. We all did. This is not a democrat versus republican issue – it is a matter of competence versus impotence.


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