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New Rule: Relegate Friends of Fred Thompson to Internment Camps

If 50%+ Americans had not supported President Bush, I wouldn’t have been shocked by the relative popularity of Presidential candidate Fred Thompson. Never before, since the days of George W. Coke Snorting Alcohol Abusing Bush has an individual that is so clearly unqualified for public office held significant support from so many voting Americans. Since […]

Impeach: YOU

What if we held our citizens accountable rather than our politicians? Think about it. The mandate of elected officials is to enact the will of the people, and in the end, these officials are only accountable to their electors. When Enron implodes, we don’t blame the men and the women on the ground – perpetuating […]

Damn The Man

Damn the man who, armed with confidence, and stricken by ignorance, claims to posses knowledge that no man can posses Damn the man who, armed with reason, and stricken by fear, fails to make the truth known. History favors the passioned minority – but only when that passion translates into action.

More Wisdom from Ayn Rand – Videos

What we need today: 1961 message from Ayn Rand to GOP candidates This is John Galt – Speech – Part 1

Happiness vs. Truth

There was a fork in the road. I looked left – and saw happiness: It looked Warm. A life of personal satisfaction? I looked right – and saw truth: It looked Cold. A life of principle? Most people were going left. These people ran quickly after their happy, fulfilled lives. I wanted happiness too. I […]

More brilliance from Richard Dawkins

Except for the first, these are long videos. Dawkins was not on top of his game in these, in my opinion, but was pretty good, and the context of being in Falwell’s backyard, and talking directly to his students, makes it interesting. If you only have time to watch one video though, watch this one. […]

Richard Dawkins: An atheist’s call to arms

A must watch, regardless of your views. Please comment after. Watch the full thing, better quality, here.

Answering anti-Randian, anti-Objectivist scum

One way to answer someone who says something like… “Not one supporter of the objectivist philosophy ever has shown the least inclination to actually put Rand’s “philosophy” into practice, and this tells us pretty much all we need to know about how realistic her thought is.” My response below. And at the bottom I explain […]

Blame Bush?

I take profound issue with modern-day Bush-bashers and haters, and those who stand out against the Iraq war. Not because I don’t think President Bush is incompetent – he is. Not because I don’t think the Iraq war was mismanaged – it was. I take profound issue because I don’t like the tendency of people […]