The Self-Made Rich

There was a story online about Oprah and how Mrs. Seinfeld sent her 20 pairs of shoes. Then people posted comments suggesting that Oprah doesn’t know how much a loaf of bread costs… and others started bashing her for being “detached.”

I am always amazed by jealousy. I wonder – rather than being jealous… why don’t people just go out and work harder? Make smarter decisions? Drink less beer? Smoke less cigarettes?

The super-wealthy (those that are self-made, not the inheritors) become wealthy in large part by creating value for the world… and then they reap the benefits. They take unusual risks. They do unusual things. They don’t care about how much a stupid loaf of bread costs.

These people should be regarded as heroes, not people who have earned scorn from the masses. It’s not that I like Oprah, I just think the reasons that many people have for disliking her… and other rich people… are dumb.

It is not about having the money. Most second, third, fourth, etc generation wealthy people are shallow and stupid. It is about MAKING the money… creating so much value for the world that you get rich. Creators of value are heroes. Oprah created so much value for a segment of people that she got rich… good for her.



  1. Savanagh
    Posted December 6, 2007 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

    As a Canadian I see the rich being condemned for that fact more than I can possibly stand. Canadians in upper class income tax bracket($100,000+) pay 30% taxes on their income, restricting any good that money could do for charities or the economy and being force fed into a corrupt system of “do-gooders” and “have-nots”. Any person who values self will be successful (and wealthy for that matter,)and a populace of people who condemn people for success is what they call a communist dictatorship.

  2. Tom Haynesworth
    Posted February 21, 2008 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    With the decline of the open source movement/ARPA, the rise of corporate influence in school textbooks, and the government’s biasness in favor of particular corporations indicates that rules are no longer fair for everyone. It is much more difficult to say, learn how to write an operating system, without access to college libraries and journals. Knowledge is being stacked in favor of the corporate entity which is really no different than a communist state. Teacher union leaders commonly have corporate interests and now are manipulating knowledge.
    Granted, Facebook and Wikipedia would suggest that it isn’t true, I think wikipedia will develop into an inferior class encyclopedia and facebook will collapse when advertisers lose interest when its users have no money.
    To play without a referee is to work without a government. One party will always cheat.

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