Monthly Archives: October 2007

The Self-Made Rich

There was a story online about Oprah and how Mrs. Seinfeld sent her 20 pairs of shoes. Then people posted comments suggesting that Oprah doesn’t know how much a loaf of bread costs… and others started bashing her for being “detached.” I am always amazed by jealousy. I wonder – rather than being jealous… why […]

Random thoughts…

Few thoughtful, rational people exist People don’t confront their own mortality early enough in life People are shallow Modern-day religion does more bad than good The bad: It feeds the ignorance of the masses and takes people’s souls The good: Fear of hell turns many people who lack character into law-abiding citizens who live above […]

Ayn Rand Message Boards…

I constructed the following message board post for “,” however I could not post it. The administrator requires all new registrants to verify their email address, which is certainly reasonable. After I completed my verification, I learned that the administrator has elected to review each registration before granting the permission to post. —— How can […]