Palin and the future of the Tea Party “Movement”

I thought the “Tea Party Movement” was about:

  • Individual responsibility
  • Reduced spending on entitlement programs
  • Lower taxes
  • The scaling back of government

These are the messages that first engaged American citizens to take to the streets in protest against a government machine that seemed intent on grabbing power during our most recent economic recession.

Yay for that.

But now, opportunists like Sarah Palin are trying to grab hold of  this “movement” by positioning it as a “conservative” movement and marrying it with the ideals of right wing Republicans. In her speech on Saturday, February 6th, 2010, she made reference to religion and other conservative ideology in a way that clouds the true message that many Tea Partiests are trying to send:


When the CNBC analyst Rick Santelli called for tea parties, his rally cry was very specific. He understood that if the government continued to assert itself in our daily lives by stealing from Peter to pay for Paul’s entitlement programs, and to bail out big companies that took on imprudent risk, then bad things would happen.

Many reasonable individuals throughout the country took hold of Santelli’s call and took part in Tea Party activism. Many of these individuals (I hope most) are smart and objective enough to know that this is not a Democrat versus Republican issue, since both parties have blood on their hands.

It’s really an issue of minority rights: the rights of the individual.

Under the United States Constitution, each individual has the right to pursue his happiness. But when individuals are being forced by the government to fund programs that benefit their neighbor, regardless of how much their neighbor might NEED that program, the rights of the individual are being compromised.

That is what the message of Tea Party activism should be: Preserving the freedom of individuals to pursue their happiness without being forced to underwrite the sad stories or bad decisions of their neighbors.

Now, many pundits and at least one of the “Tea Party Movement Organizations” are saying that Sarah Palin has demonstrated that she can connect well with people who might support policies that further freedom for individuals in some ways. Those people, however, have their own agenda. Their agenda is much more complex than getting government out of our lives. Accordingly, Sarah Palin and the individuals she represents can only be temporary allies of Tea Party Activism.

If Tea Party Activism is to be successful, it must remain independent, and it must be focussed on a narrow set of initiatives that are vital to promoting individual freedom.

Objective 1: Educate

It must seek to educate people about the virtues and broad benefits of self determination, individual liberty, and laissez-faire capitalism. It must remind them that it was not capitalism that failed the United States, but rather that it was the United States that failed capitalism. And that in order for this country to become great once again it must get out of the way of the real heros of this country: those who enrich themselves by exchanging value for value.

Side note: In her Tea Party speech Sarah Palin extolled the virtues of being “selfless.” I would suggest that Tea Party Organizations require that she read some of Ayn Rand’s novels before being invited back to speak again, if at all.

Objective 2: Prosecute Corrupt Politicians and Business People

Make no mistake, corruption is an enemy of capitalism. It is corruption that far too often leads to individuals of merit being subjugated to cheats, thieves, and looters. In addition, when individuals enrich themselves thanks to their connections or manipulations, capitalism is often blamed unfairly. We’ve seen examples of this recently when capitalism was blamed for issues ranging from the housing crisis to complex pyramid schemes. In order to promote and preserve individual freedom, Tea Party Activists must identify and expose loudly acts of corruption be them at the corporate or government level.

They must not stop there. Corrupt individuals of all shapes and sizes must be prosecuted in court, they must be made to pay financial restitution to those who have suffered directly as a result of their corruption, and they must be barred from serving in public office.

Objective 3: Fight Every Incumbent, Democrat or Republican, Until Entitlement Programs are Stopped

Few in Washington, Democrat or Republican, support scaling down entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. The truth is, however, that until these programs are phased down, and eventually phased out, the government will continue stand in the way of economic development. Ultimately, it is economic development that will lift individuals out of poverty, not entitlement programs.

Politicians have one job: to get elected. Currently they are wary of casting votes that threaten entitlement programs because they believe constiuents who support those programs will vote them out of office.

In order to counterbalance that, Tax Party Activists must commit themselves to throwing incumbents out of office until they start fighting aggressively for the end of all major entitlement programs. Tax Party Activists must make it difficult for politicians to stay in office until they confront and begin to abolish entitlement programs.

It should be a forgone conclusion that Sarah Palin cannot lead the initiatives above, and that her personal philosophy is not in line with the philosophy that powers Tea Party Activism . Sarah Palin, like President Obama, may be able to “connect” with people. But they are two sides of the same coin. Tea Party Activism should be much bigger than any political candidate, or political party. It should be a vehicle for espousing common sense, and it should seek short-term solutions to present problems without jeopardizing its strategic goal of getting the government out of our way.


Thanks, but no thanks, Judith Warner

Judith wrote this post talking about how she believes the young McCain (who I have now learned is known as Meghan McCain) does not deserve the contracts she has been awarded by private interests in her NY Times Blog.

Here is the comment I added.

I read this post and one word came to mind – jealous.

Judith – are you jealous of the young McCain?

The difference between you and me Judith is that I don’t think of young McCain at all. Heck, even after reading your post I still don’t recall her name, and I won’t waste my time to scroll up to learn it. I have no expectation that anything she will say will be of value to me because in the little I have heard from her I have never heard anything that resembles objective logic.

Judith – I could say the same for your post. You’re just jealous because you have put your “dues” in and you realize how trivial your post in life is, considering that it is open to people like young McCain.

And to the dope above lamenting the lack of intellectualism in society, get off your high horse. The technological innovations that power this country, and your life, are all powered by the best form of intellectualism – that which is translated into action.

The problem is not the lack of intellectualism, it is that you are looking for it in the wrong place.

You have no right to critisize President George W. Bush

Before President Bush was elected (or not-elected depending on your view), I warned everyone I could against this man.

But you (we) the American public failed to elect the other guy.

Then he proceeded to do what rational and objective thinkers expected: He took great risks, and put Americans (and America) at great risk without proper planning and execution.

During that time, it was clear to those rational and objective thinkers that President Bush was on the verge of a major failure internationally and domestically.

His approve rating at that time was 90%.

90%! And it was not President Bush who stifled public debate at that time (remember freedom fries), it was the American people. The American people quashed debate. They proudly cried – I SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT, AND IF YOU DON’T YOU ARE A TRAITOR.

Yes – 90%. 90%!

And then another election took place, and the American people failed to elect the other guy once again.

Eventually people finally realized their lives sucked, and they became fearful, and the turned against President Bush. They started hating him. Ironically, it was at that time that President Bush had actually turned things around… in Iraq, and domestically with his educational policies.

Now, I think the American people proved their stupidity by electing him… twice… but the American people do not have the right to claim victim-status.

They supported him when he was doing the wrong things, and by the time he started doing the right things they were so emotional that they could not possibly see the situation for what it was… and it is then that they started their outcry.


President Bush will not go down as the worst President ever. Depending on how things play out, he may prove to be one of the most influential Presidents ever (in a positive way). It’s strange for me to say that but it’s true.

Short-term, many people died because of him and his violent ways. That is inexcusable and no moral justification could be offered.

But if we are to think pragmatically… just for a second- in terms of minimizing long-term deaths due to war – the fact that President Bush’s policies have created a major reversal in Middle East politics is noteworthy.

Say what you like about the evil of oil – quality of life for all in America – the rich, and the poor, would be much, much less without oil. Oil is currently critical to our lives, directly and indirectly, and Arab countries historically have funded terrorism abroad and in Palestine as a sort of detente… a way of balancing power against their customers who have superior militaries.

Well, now, with the turning of Iraq, and with Syria waiting to be turned through diplomatic measures, Iran will soon find itself as the only remaining enemy of the United States in the middle east, and they will turn too within 10 years as their young population follows through on the promise of revolution.

President Bush was not the right man for the job. He made a lot of mistakes. But the American people put him into power and became his tool to keep dissenters quiet during his first term as President. When he actually started making good decisions (like the surge) his blind followers stopped following him at precisely the time that he started making good decisions.

President Bush deserves a heck of a lot of criticism. But the average American deserves a hell of a lot more.

The sky is falling…

It seems that everyone is willing to play the role of victim…

– The Palestinian people who elected a terrorist government… Hamas… who – surprise, surprise – lobbed rockets into Israel for several years and was forced to use their military might to quash the terrorists.

– The American people who demand to be made whole by other taxpayers because, like total suckers, they put 100% of their investments into the hands of an individual whose track record was clearly unbelievable.

– Other American people who think they have a right to something besides life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (like jobs, homes that other people built, and the money they stole from banks when they made a promise they could not possibly have kept).

That’s just naming a few. And standing next to the victims are their brothers – the irrationals. Those who believe in a decision making process that evolves something other than rational, logical thought.

Ain’t it ironic that the U.N., composed of countries like Russia, would have condemned Israel for defending herself but for the American veto. Yes, Russia – who launched attacks several months ago against their neighbors that truly were actions worthy of condemnation, was given a free pass by fly-by-night humanitarians.

How ’bout them hypocrits that scream now against Israel that did not scream against Russian when they attacked Georgia? They did not scream against the Palestinian people for putting terrorists in office either. Or Hamas for provoking Israel for years into this war.

How about the citizens of the world who whine daily about this policy or that, this event or that, without ever having anything constructive to say? How about individuals who can’t do 5th grade math expressing their opinions of matters of economics that they could not possibly comprehend?

Everyone is covering their back. Everyone is expressing an opinion – and that is unfortunate because informed opinions that are based in objective thought are rare.

The world is filling with hot air and noise from people that are desperate to be heard, who have nothing meaningful to say. This is the real global warming – since that other theory has been ignored recently (the world is cooling now).

The people of America, and the people of the world, are out of control. They are consumed with this fear and their lack of foresight is to blame.

When things are good they didn’t save enough.

When they were happy they weren’t introspective enough.

They constantly pursued convenient thoughts and tiny pleasures that satisfied their fears, without satisfying themselves. Without finding themselves.

It is an immature world. The mob is rumbling. This is another time in history – similar to the time of the witch trials, the oppression against the greek philosophers, the condemnation of Newton, and the vitriol offered against Columbus when he claimed the world was not flat – where those in the future, should they be enlightened, will look back and say – what damn fools. How could they have lived with themselves? What cowards. What shits.

That’s who we are becoming. The scum generation.

Let’s cry for all of the victims. Let’s express hatred towards those who don’t allow themselves to be victims. Let’s scream about the importance of banding together. Let’s forget that dead weight + dead weight + dead weight… equals a lot of dead weight.

The people scream – WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS?

The people scream – WHO IS GOING TO HELP US?

The people scream – I DON’T DESERVE THIS!

The people scream – I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!

And the people keep screaming like frustrated children.

The sky is falling because the men and women of this world overwhelmingly lack integrity. The means are not worthy of respect; but the end is put up on a pedestal. If only I get X I will be happy. Please , give me y.

The people are not mature enough to handle the material they seek because they will not have earned it.

It is knowledge; self knowledge; that they need.

It is worldly knowledge that they need.

It is an appreciation of logic that they need.

Logic… the only source of indisputable facts in a world that respects everyone’s right to an opinion…

Even though opinions are as worthless…

As those who offer them…

As my generation… and all recent generations…

Are satisfied to be the children of great men and women…

Having not earned the distinction for themselves.

Taking Pulse

Please comment if you wish to justify your response.

Representative John A. Culberson (TX)’s Daughter…

John Culberson, a so-called Fiscal Conservative from Texas, was on CNBC earlier. He is one of the Republicans that voted against today’s bill. Throughout he kept saying that he would not add this debt burden to his daughter, and he did not believe in that the American people should pay to bail out a bunch of banks.

The newscasters all looked shocked at this man’s logic, or lack there of. He just doesn’t get it. This man has no understanding of how financial markets work, and it is a shame that the dopes in Texas put him in office and gave him power. They may have called him saying, “vote NO,” but they will change their tune when their financial picture turns as sweet as a sour patch kid.

I hope one day his daughter educates herself enough to draw the proper conclusion that her daddy is dumb. John A. Culberson is a CLASS A moron.

The Bailout Bill: Stupid Members of Congress, Bad Americans, and A Solution to Democracy

The problem with Democracy, and the beauty of Democracy, is that everyone gets a vote, either directly or indirectly.

A Democracy is healthy when the people who vote are informed, objective, and savvy enough to vote in their own long-term self-interest.

The problem in America is that our Democracy (technically, our Republic) is powered by an unsophisticated electorate. If passing a 3rd grade math test was required in order for an individual to have the right to vote, I believe the number of active voters would decline by more than 60%. If, in addition, we required that voters know who our last Vice President was, the 60% figure would be revised to a decline in active voters of about 75%.

Now, you may think that I am being arrogant (because I am), but if you are both intelligent and objective, you must also be thinking that I am right. Now then, how can we ask an electorate that is more likely to know all of the winners of American Idol than to know the country we defeated in order to win our independence to understand matters of economics? The answer is we can’t. Yet we give them a voice, and they use it. They have nothing better to do so they call their elected officials and say, “DON’T PASS THIS BILL – IT IS UNAMERICAN – I DON’T WANT MY TAX DOLLARS GOING TO IT – THE CEOs ARE EVIL!!!!,” which is ironic because 1) these people probably pay very little if anything in taxes, and 2) they are the people who will be hurt the most if this bill doesn’t pass.

Well, the people of America got their way today. The bill was killed, and I don’t think a new version will get passed before the damage is done.

I don’t mean to only blame the vocal idiots that compose our electorate. There is also plenty of blame for the evil CEOs who created wealth for themselves without creating value. There is also plenty of blame for the whiny babies who took mortgages that they could not afford. And while Congress and the President should have had the foresight to see this problem coming from miles away, they refrained from acting both pre and post crisis.

I am amazed at how incompetent our elected officials are. That is a big statement for me to make because I have always considered them to be scum, but somehow they have earned a distinction as being less than scum in my book.

At first I was happy to see that Pelosi and the Democrats were getting behind this bill, but it is clear that they were simply playing politics. Pelosi gave a partisan speech less than 10 minutes before the vote that blamed Republicans. If she were a “true patriot” she would have reserved those comments for after the vote. How about the incompetent Boehner who could not deliver Republican votes? How about President Bush who, well, we all know how totally incompetent he is. How about all of the Democrats and Republicans who voted against this because they were too afraid of losing their seats? I’m sorry, but if there were any vote that would require political courage and country-before-self, it was this one, considering that those morons took an oath.

Forget about whether you believe this bill should have passed and just look at the situation for what it is. Congress was asked to do something important, they knew it was important, and they fell flat. The American people made them fear for their jobs and they didn’t have the courage to say, “i love you but you have no f’ing clue what you are talking about.”

My solution to Democracy is that the right to vote be extended only to those individuals who pass the same tests that immigrants must pass in order to be nationalized. How dare people have pride to be American if they don’t even know what it means to be American!

By the way, here is the list of the anti-patriots who voted against this bill.

Barrett (SC)
Bartlett (MD)
Barton (TX)
Bishop (UT)
Boyda (KS)
Braley (IA)
Broun (GA)
Brown-Waite, Ginny
Burton (IN)
Davis (KY)
Davis, David
Davis, Lincoln
Deal (GA)
Diaz-Balart, L.
Diaz-Balart, M.
Edwards (MD)
English (PA)
Franks (AZ)
Garrett (NJ)
Green, Al
Green, Gene
Hall (TX)
Hastings (WA)
Herseth Sandlin
Jackson (IL)
Jackson-Lee (TX)
Johnson (GA)
Johnson (IL)
Johnson, Sam
Jones (NC)
King (IA)
Kuhl (NY)
Lewis (GA)
McCarthy (CA)
McCaul (TX)
McMorris Rodgers
Miller (FL)
Miller (MI)
Moran (KS)
Murphy, Tim
Peterson (MN)
Price (GA)
Rogers (MI)
Sánchez, Linda T.
Sanchez, Loretta
Scott (GA)
Scott (VA)
Smith (NE)
Smith (NJ)
Thompson (CA)
Thompson (MS)
Udall (CO)
Udall (NM)
Walz (MN)
Welch (VT)
Whitfield (KY)
Wittman (VA)
Young (AK)
Young (FL)

Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s Daughter, Has a Very BAD Mommy…

Ironic, ain’t it? The not-really-conservative conservatives like Sarah Palin tend to be pro religion in schools… they believe in teaching all that Easter Bunny crap. Well now Bristil, a 17 year-old, is pregnant. Way to go mommy… McCain thinks you can run the country but you can’t run your own family.

Why, again, is McCain our nominee?

No, We Can’t. Yes, I Can.

Palin? Damn You McCain, and What You Need to Do

The Palin choice is just stupid. Not because she is unknown… but because she is a mousy skunk. Were there no impressive women who have earned monumental achievements in business, who also share conservative principles?

McCain needs to give a philosophical speech. Ladies and gentlemen, HERE IS WHY I AM A CONSERVATIVE. It is not because i’m an ass. It is not because I believe in fairytales. It is because I believe that the United States Constitution gives government limited powers, and that there are plenty of other options throughout the world for those who want to live in a nanny state. The beauty of America and the constitution is that it provides for growth by allowing individuals to pursue their self interest, and when the bounty for success is mitigated by continually increasing taxes, these individuals will have less incentive to work, and our progress will slow down.

Obama; Obama the Marxist; Whiny Marxist Americans

Obama is quite clearly a Marxist. Both Barak and Michelle. We are not all in this together. Some of us slack off. Some of us don’t work hard enough to overcome disadvantages. Some of us just make unwise decisions. Why should those who put in the hours, who make good decisions, be forced to pay for those who don’t? Those who work hard and make wise decisions fund the infrastructure and defense this country relies on. Now Obama wants their taxes to go up, and wants to give handouts to the whiny babies who chose hedonism over productive achievement. Now that their lives have become hard… those people say we are all in it together. Well – if Obama wins, I am leaving. I am taking my mind and my tax dollars with me. Pay for your own damn health care.

Sirius XM Merger: Letter to Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein

This letter was submitted to Commission Jonathan Adelstein regarding his dissenting vote for the Sirius XM merger, and the 17-month delay that he and his fellow “Democrat” caused. Tell Jonathan what you think here.

I find it a total shame that those that proclaim to serve the public interest act in ways that hinder the one element that is responsible for the services consumed by those who do not earn for themselves: Free Enterprise. Your vote against the Sirius XM merger, and the delays caused by your fellow dissenting Democrat, will ultimately cost investors, employees, and consumers money. Millions have already lost out – and not for good reasons – because there are individuals like yourself that make their living governing others rather than creating for themselves. Based on your biography you have never known the thrill, or the stress, or the despair, or the exuberance that comes from creating value… you are in the business of managing value, but it seems that when the government gets involved, the net result is more like DESTROYING value. Indeed, you sir, are a destroyer of value.

I want you to know that the impact of your life’s work is the exact opposite of what you may wish it to be. I hope that at some point in your life you will decide to take some risks, and get out of the business of managing the value created by others, and start creating for yourself. Perhaps then you will understand the extent to which those who matter most in society… those that make the bread that people like you give out to those who panhandle… find individuals like you to be the manifestation of everything that is wrong with this world. Hypocritical. Evil. That is your legacy, and the legacy of your fellow communist.

If you want to serve the public interest: Resign.

The Secret to Winning the WAR on Terror…

In 2000 President Bush ran on a platform of lowered standards and in 2004 was reelected on a promise of “decisiveness” and a bias towards action over strategic thinking. President Bush’s followers communicated support for his ability to talk plainly as to not intimidate the folks. John F. Kerry, on the other hand, was constantly criticized for nuanced thoughts, and “Republicans” scoffed at his inability to deliver simple and concise statements. While I was no fan of Kerry, I have always been a fan of thought, and it frustrated me immensely that supporters of George W. Bush credited themselves and their leader as being practical thinkers when they were anything but.

As a result – it does not surprise me that America literally ignored the glaringly obvious strategy for WINNING the war on terror in a decisive way: Cutting off the cash.

The prospect of hunting down terrorists wherever they may exist throughout the world is totally foolish. Have we learned nothing from the David and Goliath stories of history? Large armies have consistently been defeated throughout history by smaller armies that employ guerrilla warfare – and a smarter strategy is called for.

First a question – is a terrorist that does not have the means to perpetuate violence really a terrorist? The answer is no. A prerequisite for an act to be deemed a “terrorist” act is for there to be a violent action of some sort. The impact of fists are minimal, and so guns, missiles, chemicals, and other cash-intensive equipment is required to perpetuate terrorism. To purchase such means-of-terrorism money is required.

Thus, to end terrorism, simply take away the money.

We must ask ourselves – where does the money that finances terrorism come from? The answer is simple: OIL. With the exception of oil Arab countries have largely existed in a state of subsistence over the past 200 years. I mean no offense to my Arab friends, but before oil, Arabs in Arab countries lived in desert tents, not hundred million-dollar palaces. Without petro dollars there would be no money to fund terrorism, and so to end terrorism we must simply reduce and eventually eliminate petro dollars.

In contrast, the policies of the United States government have led to monstrous windfall profits for the Arab world. President Bush’s friends in big oil must surely appreciate that. The cash that has fallen into the hands of those in the Arab world has financed terror cells and has allowed Arab investors to diversify their interests by purchasing shares in major American companies like Citibank. With each passing day, and with each penny increase in the price of oil, we continue to help Arab interests to diversify their economy and to continue a flow of cash that has historically ended up in the hands of terrorists and aggressors. Without this oil money Iran certainly would not be building nuclear weapons… they would be constructing tents.

The secret to Winning the War on Terror is reducing the price of oil by reducing demand for it. The way to do it is NOT by invading Arab countries like Iraq and Iran (yes I am contradicting my previous post) which unsettles the market and creates demand for oil. Rather, the way to reduce the price of gasoline is to invest in technology and to bring viable energy alternatives to market as soon as possible. The result would be a collapse in oil prices and less money in the hands of governments that consistently support terrorism.

Rather than think strategically and identify an intelligent long-term approach to winning the war on terror, President Bush has literally played into the hands of terrorists by attacking Iraq and wasting precious lives, along with an enormous amount of money. This was the exact response the terrorists were hoping for. As a result it would not be inappropriate to call President Bush a terrorist, in effect. Not a terrorist in a true sense of the word – but a terrorist in terms of the result of his actions. More people… more American people… and more people throughout the world… have and will die because of President Bush and the people that put him in office than as a result of all terrorist acts in the past hundred years combined.

If the money that was spent fighting the “war on terror” was invested into technology, it is conceivable that we would be demonstrably winning the war on terror. Further, the technology that would have come from that research could have spurred yet another economic boom placing the United States at the forefront and creating high-paying jobs.

Thousands of lives and too many billions later… the option discussed above is still our best option… and I would like to see both candidates for president adopt the following platform:

Invest hundreds of billions in alternative energy research. (edit: Ensure the government is not getting in the way of private alternative energy research)

– Get out of Iraq in 3 months.

– Bank on the fact that without money they are not a threat to us.

Let’s win the war on terror by investing in productive achievement. We’re Americans dammit! We’re creative, resourceful, and entrepreneurial people. Let’s act like it.

This is why George W. Bush should be impeached. His strategic failures served only the oil companies at the expense of innocent lives throughout the world.

Consumption Tax and Our Damned Democracy

After years of debating AGAINST different tax reforms that tax people not based on their value to society (i.e. their income), but based on what they consume, I am ready to throw in the towel.

Damn the consequences – I cannot support a “progressive” tax system that taxes some more than others because those with more money “need it less than others.” If I work double the hours of most Americans for 20 years of my life, forgoing vacations and excessive beer/cigarettes/sex that consume most people’s lives, and if as a result I am able to earn an income that is above average – say $500k to $1mm – I would like to know… by what right do my elected officials have to tell me that I should be willing to spend a greater percentage of my income to compensate for the failings of the bastard-makers and society-looters that cannot provide for themselves?

Remember those losers in high school that laughed at intelligent thought, refused to do their work, and cheated constantly? Or how about the smart ones that did their work, but that consistently showed preference for the “theoretical” as opposed to the “actual?” Tell me… please… how justice is served when I am forced to pay their way through life, and their children’s way through life?

The truth is that there are billions of people in this world that do not carry their own weight, and I do not see why I should be forced to pay a penny to help any one of them live a better life (or to live at all) if I don’t want to. By imposing “consumption” taxes, such as the fair tax, we allow people to control their tax bills not by earning/producing less, but by consuming less, if they so choose. When we buy a product at the store the price is already inflated by the taxes that all the parties to that product will have to pay – so implementing a “fair” tax or a similar consumption tax would not simply inflate prices, as many detractors claim.

Economically speaking, the higher-income people in society, assuming their incomes are earned through an honest exchange of value, are more highly valued to society than those of lesser-income, at least on an incremental basis. That, at least, is the most objective way at looking at the matter. Some may argue that teachers are more highly valued to society, but one need only have a conversation with most Americans to know that most Americans don’t value education highly, and thus teachers don’t command higher salaries. That said, the high-value people are small in number. There are many more parasites than producers, and in a democracy where such a phenomenon exists, parasites will have greater influence on whom becomes elected than their more valuable counterparts. As a result we have politicians that ignore the fundamental principles of economics and justice and enact tax policies that favor need over justice.

I have come to the realization that it is only by manipulating the parasites to some how vote for justice over freebies that fair laws such as consumption taxes can be put into place… but I know I am late to the party on this one. Conservatives have manipulated many parasites who call themselves religious to vote for conservative policies (the religious right), but unfortunately the price of manipulation is so great that the line between Conservatism and Liberalism because very blurry.

I want my consumption taxes but I doubt i’ll get them… and I want many other policies that are based on the principles of justice… but I will never get them either, unless the producers in society learn to more effectively manipulate the parasites into doing the right thing. Democracy is the best option… I am PRO PRO PRO Democracy… there is no good alternative that I know of… but on days like this, for a few short minutes, I have to allow myself to say… DAMN DAMN DAMN DEMOCRACY.

A Plea for War…

Experimenting with ideas and provoking difficult discussions

Iraq was not handled cleanly…

But on to Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and Syria.

Our technology-of-war is sitting on the shelf as lives of American men and women are being needlessly jeopardized…

“Don’t hit them too hard, don’t kill civilians, preserve their infrastructure”…

Well, we’ve walked softly for too long, let’s bring out the big stick…

Let’s arm our troops to do it right and send them forward.

If the Arab people are to be judged solely by their actions, as a whole…

They are not to be respected.

The Arab world permits its leaders to oppress them with religion as the primary tool…

But to what extent should we be willing to sacrifice our own progress, our own safety, our own interests, out of deference to an enemy that has demonstrated the means, the intent, and the will – to destroy us.

We sit silently as admitted enemies build nuclear weapons that will be aimed at our interests…

We sit silently as so-called allies manipulate and bastardize our economy…

We sit silently as they all train their youth to hate us, and prepare to kill us…

We sit silently as they buy off our elected officials who deliver record-high oil prices to their Texas cronies…

Leveraging the petro-dollars that WE put in their pocket.

Our innovations brought their oil from the ground…

Our innovations created demand for that oil…

That is OUR oil.

Do we wait… silently… as they execute their strategy…

Do we give them time to sharpen the venom-soaked swords they craft in order to kill us…

Or do we treat them like the parasites that they are.

This is not about hatred of a people for who they are…

This is not about hatred of a people at all.

It is about the right of men to claim what is rightfully theirs…


Let’s stop lieing to ourselves…

It IS all about the oil…

And if they were willing to play nice… to play fair… and to accept the gift that we’ve given them gracefully, there would be no impetus for conflict…

But rather than accept their place as the beneficiaries of good-fortune…

They assume the role of divine messengers…

Their message will be the END of us…

Their strategy is to kill us slowly…

And our opportunity is to claim what is rightfully ours…

And to ensure that THEY have everything that they have earned…

Nothing more, nothing less.

So let’s assert our claim to “their” oil (our oil) by deploying big massive BOMBS…

Or let’s set it in flames and create alternatives…

But let’s NOT allow them to use our innovations against us.

George Bush…

No time to post but take a few minutes to laugh at our president.


Ascension to the world

Birth does not end when the umbilical cord is cut

The umbilical cord is meant to sustain us in the womb when we cannot provide for ourselves

But many never learn how to provide for themselves

And those that do learn how to provide for themselves do not ascend over night

Ascending to the world… ascending to consciousness… is perhaps the most dynamic challenge of our lives

We quickly adjust to the burst of sunlight that assaults our being upon the first few seconds of life…

But in that case we are merely beginning the process of adapting…

Of trying to understand the world around us, ourselves, and how we fit in to this tragic and glorious existence

The ascension requires flexibility, an impertinent constitution, and a mindset dominated by reason and objectivity.

Ascending to the world is like traveling blindly through a dark cave filled with fierce obstacles and being called upon to maintain a steadfast faith in yourself, and the power of your own intellectual reasoning; at times putting aside primal instinct and emotion.

Ascending to the world requires one to make a choice that the purpose of life is not to prepare for the next one, but rather to ascend to this one.

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Democracy versus Freedom and a Rant on Personal Responsibility

Brain Dump

As we approach the 2008 Presidential election our democracy “appears” stronger than ever. The electorate is engaged and people of all races and machinations are debating issues, tuning into debates, and showing up to vote.

The problem, however, is that at the same time that our democracy seems to be gaining momentum, the prospect of achieving a free and just “society” continues to dwindle. Unless the electorate reverses a course that was set in motion 70 years ago, we will continue to witness the inverse relationship between the strength of U.S. democracy and freedom for years to come.

The problem is simple: The electorate has formed strong and sometimes educated opinions without the benefit of objectivity and reason, and they have the power to turn their opinions into law thanks to the democratic process. Individuals who are against freedom (without realizing it) make up the majority, and they will continue to bastardize our democracy by imposing their personal morals on the populous. The result will be a gradual decline in innovation and achievement as our nation approaches a state of collective impotence. This will not happen overnight and I don’t mean to imply that the “end is near,” but the foundation is being laid and this election will be pivotal. For example, at the same time that Democrats tout Universal/Socialized health care, less students are going to med school because after the high taxes, high insurance costs, and the increased footprint of government in health care – the prospect of becoming a doctor is becoming less and less attractive.

If you judge modern Democrats and Republicans by their actions – they are the same. They believe that government has an important role to play in our daily lives, and that government institutions have the right to require private citizens to accept responsibility for the health and happiness of their neighbors under threat of force and jail time. The Republicans have been co-opted by the religious movement – who believe in collective morals, while the Democrats have strong foundations in the liberal movement – who also believe in collective morals. The former wants to integrate religion into our lives, while the latter wants to force those who have more value in society to play Jesus to those of lesser value – as if it were their responsibility.

Here is an extreme example: The matter of the U.S. government providing free health care to poor children. Most voters would support the statement that “society has a responsibility to provide healthcare to poor children.” To disagree with that statement would be highly controversial and would evoke a visceral response from many people. Put visceral reactions aside for a second, however, and consider the statement objectively. First of all – consider who “society” is. In reality it is not a monolithic entity – it’s you and me. The statement really is, “You (I) have a responsibility to provide health care to poor children.” Then consider the word “responsibility,” which is defined as “duty,” and the word “provide,” which in this case means to “pay for.” Finally, change “poor children” to other people’s children, because, well, that’s what they are. Objectively speaking, the statement really is, “I have a duty to pay for health care for other people’s children.” Now, if you can make that statement and if you feel such a duty to pay the bill for someone else’s child, I would indeed expect you to pull out your wallet. What I would not expect you to do is support a law requiring that I do so too, under threat of jail time, regardless of whether or not I feel the same PERSONAL duty that you do. I should not be forced to pay the bill for other people’s children if I don’t want to. You, collectively, have no moral right to place demands on me.

As generally moral and decent individuals many feel a duty to help those who are less fortunate than we are. Many reason that a country as rich and prosperous as the United States ought to “give back.” The distinction, however, is that the country (the state) is not a moral entity. The state does not innovate and create the businesses that drive our economy… they simply tax the people who do and redistribute their money. When you decide that your morals should be imposed upon others, however virtuous, it is not the country (as an entity) that is forced to pay, it is the people that fund the country. If an individual has earned their money fairly, what moral right do you have to force that individual to fund policies and programs that you, personally, deem morally justifiable? The answer is that you don’t. Even if an individual has $50 trillion dollars – when you put your hand in her pocket and steal a buck in order to buy a sandwich for someone else’s starving child, you are still stealing. If you want to feed that child – feed him yourself. In this way, many Democrats are extreme hypocrites. On one hand they criticize conservatives for wanting to impose their moral values on all of us (no abortion, religion in public places) while fighting for similar objectives themselves (institutionalizing charity and enforcing it through the IRS).

Government has been co-opted, paradoxically, by the many for the benefit of the few. Indeed it is a perverted illusion that many refer to as altruism. By contrast, the proper role of government is to maintain order, to provide a court system, to defend our borders, and to stay out of our lives. If government did not pay for poor children to receive healthcare, I guarantee you that you and I would see to it that they receive proper care because I would feel a personal desire to do so, and you may as well. Alternatively, the very idea that you would force me to do so by threat of force (using the State as your proxy) is tantamount to you denying the one thing that should be more important to us than anything else: freedom. According to my value system it is morally wrong to deny another individual freedom, and by definition things that are morally wrong are evil. By extension, forcing me to pay for healthcare for other people’s children, even if they are poor, is evil.

Democrats and Republicans, inclusive but not exclusive to Obama and McCain, all want me to pay for poor children to receive healthcare. They also want me to pay for a lot of other things that pull on our collective heart strings. When I listen to Obama speak, and when I judge his words objectively and reasonably, free of emotion, I do not hear an inspiring individual. I hear a reflection of evil. Pure evil. This evil does not necessarily emit from the speaker, as the job of a politician in a democratic society is simply to get elected, it comes from his audience. I hear a man buoyed by supporters who want to impose their arbitrary morals on me and on all of us. Republicans are no better. President Bush spent more money than any Democrat on non-military spending and tried to sully the line between church and state, and neither he, nor his party, are heroes worthy of reverence. Surprisingly, both parties operate from seemingly identical principles.

People want to deny the fundamental principles of economics but those desires conflict with historic realities. The free market is responsible for the greatest innovations that this world has to offer, and the redistribution of wealth that both political parties support undermines the free market, and by extension our progress as a “society.” As a compassionate individual I want to help people and make a positive difference in people’s lives, but that is my job, not the job of my government.

By voting for Obama, and by voting for McCain, individuals are voting for the evil principles they espouse: namely that the majority has the right to impose their personal morals on society (you and us). On one hand, people should be encouraged not to be evil. On the other hand, an obvious question would be – what’s the alternative?

Sadly I cannot offer an expedient solution to this problem. There is not a single candidate I know of we can vote for, or an action we can take, that would immediately solve the issues presented on these pages. The problem is a systemic one that finds its genesis at the very foundation of our society. Society is torn between capitalism and compassion, as if the two are mutually exclusive. We’re taught from a young age that knowledge is power, and we pursue knowledge throughout our younger years in order to transfer it into a vocation that will provide the means for our long-term happiness. In this way, individual responsibility is promoted as a means to a greater end. If you work hard you will make money, which will enable you to start and provide for your family (and sometimes society), and/or to experience modern luxuries ranging from healthcare to disease-free whores. These concepts are distorted, however, because capitalism is not simply a means to a greater end – it is the end. The added complications of religion and spirituality serve to bring us further from a proper understanding of what capitalism really is – or at least what it really should be. Capitalism should not be a means to an end, and it should not exist in a category that is separate and distinct from spirituality. CAPITALISM IS SPIRTUALITY. History has shown us that unbridled laissez –faire capitalism is the only model under which all individuals can live freely, and can thrive – if they choose – or flounder – if they are weak. I did not sign a piece of paper when I entered this world to subjugate my talents and abilities, however they measure, for the benefit of others. If I decide that I want to live my life in such a way as to allow others to ride on my shoulders – I should be able to – but I should NOT be forced to, and I should be encouraged NOT to. Individuals are at their best when they are motivated to achieve the pinnacle of their potential in an honest and forthright manner, but American society encourages people to do just enough in order to buy the goods and services that supposedly buy them happiness. As many have become painfully aware – money does not buy happiness, but I would argue that it has the potential to become a measure of happiness to the extent that it can be attributed to the achievements of those who posses it. To that end, and with those conditions, MONEY IS HAPPINESS.

Can capitalism exist without democracy? I don’t have the motivation to explore the answer to that question at this time but for the time being I am interested in exploring how our democracy can be utilized in order to foster a truer form of capitalism in the United States.

Turn your focus to the three pillars of our society: The “education” system, the media, and various institutions of faith, religion, and spirituality. In each case information that is not necessarily factual in nature is presented as being factual in nature by individuals that receive the benefit of implied trust: Teachers, Pundits, and men of G-d. In the end, we have imperfect, often un-evolved individuals helping our children to form the principles that will guide their lives and parents who SHOULD be concerned by this instead focus on their average and unproductive lives. Just as you would not permit a garbage-man to perform open-heart surgery on your children, you should not allow a 23 year-old bimbo to help your child formulate the very principles that will guide their lives, and by extension impact all of our lives and the future of our country.

As a society we are smart enough to do many things but not smart enough to do all of the important things – at least not yet. Solving the problems raised above would require an intellectually motivated, and eventually an intellectually dynamic, populous. It would require collective maturity and a revolution of sorts. A transition from a dramatic focus on menial issues, to a fervent dedication to self-understanding, reason, and objectivity. I do believe in revolutions and I do believe that a revolution such as this are possible although I don’t know what steps might lead to it. As we approach our next election I am also aware that revolutions are not always for the better, and I hope that the momentum we’ve witnessed over the past 70 years will not culminate in an eventual revolution of government-imposed altruism.

A better alternative would be a revolution that throws away the concepts of selflessness and altruism that recognizes the inherent value and potential of each human being to keep bringing us forward. Children who are encouraged, empowered, and well-educated strive to reach higher goals than those who are allowed to slide through life without the benefits of good parenting, mentorship, self-esteem, and a solid education. There are mentally handicapped people in this world who fully support themselves financially and who are happier for it, just as there are very intelligent people in this world who come from wealthy families and achieve nothing in their lives – to the point where they would do society a favor by ceasing to exist. The revolution would occur when each of us strives to reach our full potential; motivated by a desire to create. This is not the job of government, and realistically it will not occur unless parents take responsibility for the children they have created, and unless we all take responsibility for ourselves. The parents must create the demand for better schools, better mentorship, and better learning both at home and away from home. They must become better parents as well, and they must demand accountability for their tax dollars by participating in school boards, local government, or by putting their children into better schools. They must stop worrying about other children in their community, and our country, and around the world, and instead focus on the lives they have created. As for the rest of us “adults” – we need to stop thanking others for our achievements and blaming ourselves for our failures. We need to become real adults – individuals who are dedicated to growth and introspection and setting/achieving higher and higher goals.

Revolutions are bottom-up phenomena’s and we are all on the front lines. If you really want to save the world and be a good person stop worrying about everyone else and focus on yourself. Despite whatever illusions you are the most important person in your world.

William Tecumseh Sherman

William ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Sherman (expired February 1891) is a man worth learning about. His father, a judge, died unexpectedly when he was young leaving 11 children without financial resources or a father. Despite what was surely a challenging childhood Sherman engaged in numerous pursuits – some successful, some not successful, and played a formative role in the development of the United States. He was an educator, a business man, a banker, and most notably, a general in the Union army during the civil war. He is believed by many to be the father of modern warfare. At one point he was proposed to be the Republican nominee for the Presidential election in 1884 and refused stating, “If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve.” This has become known as the Shermanesque statement.

After learning of South Carolina’s secession from the United States, William wrote:

You people of the South don’t know what you are doing. This country will be drenched in blood, and God only knows how it will end. It is all folly, madness, a crime against civilization! You people speak so lightly of war; you don’t know what you’re talking about. War is a terrible thing! You mistake, too, the people of the North. They are a peaceable people but an earnest people, and they will fight, too. They are not going to let this country be destroyed without a mighty effort to save it …Besides, where are your men and appliances of war to contend against them? The North can make a steam engine, locomotive, or railway car; hardly a yard of cloth or pair of shoes can you make. You are rushing into war with one of the most powerful, ingeniously mechanical, and determined people on Earth—right at your doors.You are bound to fail. Only in your spirit and determination are you prepared for war. In all else you are totally unprepared, with a bad cause to start with. At first you will make headway, but as your limited resources begin to fail, shut out from the markets of Europe as you will be, your cause will begin to wane. If your people will but stop and think, they must see in the end that you will surely fail.

William proceeded to kick their ass on the battle field.
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